Michael Lum with Bill
and Hillary Clinton
Miss Universe Runner-Up 2005
Miss Puerto Rico
Mr Goh Chok Tong
Prime Minister of Singapore
(1990 to 2004)
Dennis Wee
Dr Madan Katari,
Laughter Yoga Founder
Tony Buzan,
Mind Mapping Founder
Dr John Gray
Men are from Mars,
Women are from Venus
Dr Tad James,
Founder, ABNLP

Sir Richard Branson,
Virgin Group

  Andrea Vahl, author,
Facebook Marketing for Dummies
Bill Walsh,
America's Business Expert
  Callum Laing,
Key Person of Influence
Chuck Mellon,
Coach to Anthony Robbins
  Dr Chia Wei Khuan,
McClosky Voice Instructor
Dr Loretta Chen, author,
Woman on Top
  Dr Loretta Chen, author,
Woman on Top
Eugene Loh 938
Live Presenter
  Gordon Redding,
Secretary-General, HEAD
Gustav Gous,
Life Coach to Leaders
  Ho Kwon Ping,
Chairman, Banyan Tree Holdings
Hossan Leong,
Singapore Boy
  JC Sum,
Thinking Man's Magician
Jessica Seet,
ex-Radio DJ
  Joe Augustine,
Radio DJ
Jordan Belfort,
The Wolf of Wall Street
  Joshua Freedman,
6 Seconds EQ
Kane Minkus,
Industry Rockstar
  Orvel Wilson,
Author, Guerrilla Selling
Papa CJ,
Asia's Best Standup Comedian
  Prof Hum Sin Hoon,
Zheng He's Art of Collabration
Shamil Fattakhov,
ZIPoPo Drama
  Ron Kaufman,
UP Your Service

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