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  1. We believe learning is a lifetime process. Gandhi, once said, “Live as if it is your last day; learn as if you live forever.” No one is too old or stupid to learn.

  2. Learning is a two-way process. The facilitator is not your teacher. You are not his students.  We are friends, walking side by side. He shares with you while concurrently learning from your experiences.

  3. Change is the only constant. The facilitator is a change agent. He is responsible for teaching while you are responsible for your own learning.

  4. You are entitled to your own opinion. Solutions and answers are suggested only.

  5. Take short notes. Apply the tools and skills learned.

  6. Don’t seagull – Don’t pick up only the best.

  7. Transfer of learning is best when you are:
    • Relaxed and open-minded. The mind is like a parachute. It works best when it is opened
    • Involved by participation and questioning
    • Relating to what you already know
    • Friendly and co-operative
    • Respect other participants’ opinion
    • Suspend all your beliefs and assumptions
    • Unlearn what you already know

A didactic mixture of lecturettes, role-plays, learning activities, puzzles, games, auditory recordings, self-assessment, visual mapping, videos, case studies, music, discussion and presentation to achieve the learning objectives.

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