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The birth of a pearl is indeed a miracle.

Gemstones have to be mined from the earth. They must be cut and polished to reflect its beauty. But pearls are formed beautifully from within naturally.

To cultivate a pearl, a farmer opens an oyster, slits the soft body and inserts a foreign object in it. As it irritates the oyster, the later will try to expel it. When the oyster fails to eject this irritation and to protect itself, the body will secrete a smooth crystalline substance over the irritant. Layer by layer, it will continue to secrete the same substance that creates the shell. After a period, the foreign object will be encased by a silky and brilliant crystalline coating.

Presto! A miracle is formed called a pearl.

In freshwater pearls, cutting a slit in the body is enough to induce secretions to cover the irritant. There is no need to insert a foreign object.

Pearls come in various colors - white, gray, black, green, blue and red. Most pearls are found all over the world but black pearls are indigenous to the South Pacific.

Cultured pearl and natural pearls are almost the same. In cultured pearl, the foreign object is carefully inserted in the oyster whereas in natural pearls, irritation miraculously happens by chance. Natural pearls are more expensive as they are rarer.

Pearls can reflect light to form a rainbow. The rounder the pearl, the more desirable it is. Not all pearls turn out to be perfect. Some, called baroque pearls, turn out to be uneven.
The cultivation of pearls is a timely reminder of what seemingly looks like an overnight success takes years of risky, consistent and hard work. Divers have to dive into the water without any oxygen tanks to maintain and harvest the oysters. It takes great strength to pry the oyster open to harvest the pearl.

In, we recognize that life is imperfect. They are many obstacles and failures. With each encounter, we develop a learning experience from it. Over a period of trials and tribulation, we become hardened and a pearl of wisdom is born. There are no shortcuts to success. As we journey along the path called Success, we remember it is not a destination.

That is the reason why an oyster with a golden pearl within is our logo.


No Failure; only Success Delayed

That you should fail, God forbid.

Failure is not a black pit you fall into and get stuck. It is only a temporary phase in life. Failure is not an irreversible chemical reaction. Numerous success stories have their origins in failure. Successful people were once called failures.

Failure should be viewed from a proper perspective. Success is actually the result of failing. It is the act of trying different things at different time. Only the brave dare to try new things. If the result is not up to standard, you have not failed. Instead, you learn new lessons. Go back to the drawing board. Try again. People admire you for your success but respect you more for your failures.

There is an African proverb “However long the night, the dawn will break.” Whatever failure you encounter, the light of success will shine eventually. Failure is not the opposite of success. Inaction is. Failure is actually the step preceding success.

Failures are de facto education. Failures cannot be acquired from textbooks or in the classrooms but in the highways and byways of life. At, we believe adult learning and opportunities should be made available to failures (read success in the near future) again.

There is no failure; only success delayed. We have merely postponed our success….

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